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    The Ion Science Café has been hosted by various organizations but we have yet to secure a genuinely strong, sustained relationship with any of our hosts.

    For 2015, we will be working toward strengthening our relationship with a local non-profit organization that mentors youth, as well as the local community college. It appears that the idea of an ongoing science café is being moved up through the ranks as other organizations see the benefits.

    In preparation for upcoming developments, does anyone have any tips or suggestions for how to build a partnership with entities such as colleges, art museums, and youth organizations? Does it often come down to meeting someone with charisma/passion? Is it best to focus on the outreach department, if one exists?…

    Lawrence Norris

    With colleges and universities, one way is to identify who has what federal research grants. Federal research grants nominally in general have some kind of outreach or broadening participation requirement. Involving HS students is one way to get that done. And if the students and the teacher are willing and the project suitable maybe some good science results can come out of it.

    You can find out who has NIH grants at http://projectreporter.nih.gov/reporter.cfm
    The NSF site is down now but it is nsf.gov/awards or something like that.


    I’ve also reached out to local community college for partnership with our Sci Cafe. Identifying who is the leader of one of the site’s student clubs that has an interest in education &/or STEM was key. They saw the usefulness of the connection and were able to handle cafes presented at the campus as the co-sponsor. This fit well when it came to the teacher-training program.

    Ann Boes

    I am wondering what you are looking for in a partner.
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    Great input. We’ve spoken to a few representatives from the community college, but we will need to focus more attention on leaders who might be interested in making some sort of commitment to the Teen Science Café.

    In a partnership, we are looking to cultivate a relationship that can help with promoting the spirit and the goals of a teen science café. Consistently.

    Having planned and implemeted a number of cafés, we’ve now implemented something tangible that can be discussed in more concrete terms.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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