What are your favorite past café topics? titles? activities? formats?

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      Please add to this list! It will serve as a source of ideas for others.

    Remember: There is no ‘one right way’ to run a Teen Science Café. Make it local!
    Great conversation and interactivity is key to success.

    • Solve a case using forensic evidence
    • Visit a scientist where they work. Sometimes equipment can’t move, but people can!
    • Use zombies as a theme for teaching about neuroscience or infectious disease
    • Examine specimens before, during or after a scientist’s presentation
    • Bring a live animal to presentations about live animals
    • Use a computer challenge to explore cyber-security
    • Use a gorilla chasing humans to simulate how to flock like birds
    • Have teens help scientists with their research by prepping specimens or experiments
    • Use music as a theme for discussing neuroscience
    • Build balsa wood bridges to support a conversation about engineering


    • Crime scene investigator from local law enforcement explains how real CSI is conducted
    • How our water resources are tied to energy generation, climate, and food production
    • What’s with the dramatic increase in massive forest fires?
    • Promise and peril of genetic engineering
    • Promise and peril of nanotechnology
    • Enlisting the body’s immune system in the fight against cancer
    • The Neanderthal in us all: What does genetics tell us?
    • Is there an asteroid impact in our future?
    • Booze and babies: The brain and prenatal alcohol consumption
    • The inevitable massive coronal mass ejection from the sun: Can we defend ourselves from catastrophe?
    • Are we alone? The search for extraterrestrial life
    • We are all stardust
    • Algae biofuel: Is pond scum the next oil boom?
    • The global threat of antibiotic-resistant bacteria
    • Super-eruptions: Catastrophes of the past… and to come
    • What came before the Big Bang?
    • What is time?

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