Cool Cafe ~ Bottlenose Dolphin Research

Meghan Galipeau
South Carolina Aquarium, Charleston, SC
York County Teen Science Café


February 18, 2021  Cool Café ~ Bottlenose Dolphin Research

My experience at the Bottlenose Dolphin Research Teen Science Café was incredible! I was fascinated with dolphins when I was younger and the event jogged my memory of why I loved them so much. It was my favorite Teen Science Café event I’ve been to, and I hope all future events are just as attention grabbing as this one.  Emily, Teen Advisor

My experience with the teen science café on February 18 was eye-opening. The café was about Bottlenose dolphin research and I originally planned to be a marine biologist. After hearing from Mrs. Galipeau,  I realized that marine biology just wasn’t for me. She talked about how she felt a sense of enjoyment when going to work every day. I realized that I wouldn’t feel that if that was my job. Mrs. Galipeau provided lots of information that helped me learn about that job field.  Ty, Teen Advisor

Hands on Activity

This was a virtual Teen Science Café and we play a short trivia game at the end of each one to see who was listening and can remember details from the presentation/conversation. We offered a choice from a variety of gift cards to those that win. It is amazing how many choose the “Books-a-Million” cards over the Starbucks and Chick-fil-a cards. :) The teens enjoy competing for the cards and it is a fun way to end the Zoom experience.