Cool Cafe ~ Neuroscience

Dr. Joseph Cheatle
Carolina Neurosurgery and Spine, Associates
York County Teen Science Café


January 16, 2020 ~ Neuroscience
The café I attended in person was last January 2020, it was about neurosurgery and neurology! It was so interesting, and Dr. Cheatle, a local neurosurgeon even brought in part of a brain. The speaker had prepared a whole slideshow and went into detail about what each part of the brain is and what it does! After this meeting I joined the teen science café advisory, and I’ve been a part of it since.  Isa, Teen Advisor
In Jan. we had the most amazing time learning about our brains!

We had over 70 teens and advisors attending this presentation from Dr. Cheatle.
He was a lot younger than most of us imagined that you had to be to go through medical school (at the University of Nebraska Medical Center), complete a residency, and be building a career as a brain surgeon specializing in Spinal Stenosis. He talked us through medical school, using light humor with his stories of what it was like to work on cadavers. He was real with us and shared the ins and outs of being a doctor. He has a family and I think that is sometimes hard for him to be away so much at the hospital doing five hour and more surgeries that mean life or death to his patients.  He works on brain tumors to car accidents. This was one of my favorite cafés this year!   RH, Teen Advisor

Hands on Activity

We did an activity on memory and the brain. The speaker also brought in a real brain so we could view it.

We had a large number of teens for this café (over 70) and so Q & A took lots of time. Dr. Cheatle answered everyone’s questions and even shared his experiences in medical school with humorous antidotes. Here are the things Dr. Cheatle works on to help others:  Brain Tumors, Degenerative Spinal Disorders, Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, Spinal Fusion, Tran sphenoidal Surgery, and Spinal Cord Stimulation.