Looking for Presenters in Public Health?

Every day, public health professionals work at government bodies, research institutions, and nonprofit organizations in order to improve the quality of our lives. Their significance to promoting the health and vitality of our communities cannot be understated. And the rapid growth of the public health field means it’s more important than ever to encourage individuals in our community to consider this career path.  Over the next 30 years our citizens will be aging and a shortage of experts is expected.

With this in mind, Public Heath.org put together a series of guides that dive into the wide array of public health career paths. From biostatisticians to public policy makers, we provide relevant information on specializations and salary data to help aspiring public health professionals find their best fit. In addition, we researched a guide to Master’s programs for those seeking career advancement:

In a world of skyrocketing tuition costs, we also thought our financial aid guide for public health students would be helpful: https://www.publichealth.org/resources/financial-aid/

Various health epidemics and environmental health concerns are on the rise in the U.S. In this climate, we need to encourage individuals to continue the work of public health professionals as they are crucial to thriving communities.

PublicHealth.org publishes free healthcare-related resources for students, professionals, and patients, and helps prepare current and prospective public health students for college and beyond. Learn more about PublicHealth.org and health careers.

Processing blood samples in the lab

Ophthalmologist performing an eye exam.