VIDEO: Building Vibrant Teen Leaders Open Mic Session

Teen Leaders are the cornerstone of every Teen Science Café. For those that missed the most recent Teen Science Café Network Open Mic Session on Building and Maintaining Vibrant Youth Leaders, or for anyone who needs a refresher, you’re in luck! We have the Open Mic video and some documents that will help you on your journey to create and maintain those amazing teen leaders.

On November 22nd, 2016 three experts from around the Teen Science Café Network shared their tips and stories on how they maintain successful programs with teen leaders they can rely on.

First, Dr. Kirk Astroth of the University of Arizona talks about the 10 Elements of Vibrant and Effective Youth Development. Kirk states, “When you’re working with young people, they want to be listened to, they want to be engaged, and they want to be heard, just like all of us.”

Building Vibrant Youth Groups

Working Effectively with Young People

For a full list of Dr. Astroth’s resources on Building Vibrant Youth Leaders. 

Our next expert, Natalie Bachmann of the Academy of Science in St. Louis, MO shared how the Teen Leaders of the Gateway Teen Science Café in St. Louis work in committees and share the responsibilities of putting on a successful program. We have included a copy of the committees and their responsibilities for St. Louis.

Tony Smith from the Pacific Science Center in Seattle, WA rounded out our panel of experts. Tony shared his committee format used in the Seattle Teen Science Café and talked about the importance empowering his teen leaders to take ownership and make the important decisions in the program. We have also included a copy of the committees and their responsibilities for Seattle.

After the panel presented on their programs, they took questions from the network. The video above contains their presentations and the Q&A session. Please join the Teen Science Café Network every month as we host Open Mic Session on a variety of topics concerning the network.