It’s All About Communication

We are a network. Strong individually, but exponentially stronger together. As such, it is of utmost importance that we have consistent communication with each other. The purpose of this post is to tell you about some changes in ways to communicate amongst TSCN members.

DSC_7186 - Version 2
Sharing ideas at the TSCN Workshop


At the 2015 Network Workshop,  Members asked for a Private Forum to be able to discuss freely any sensitive topics, (questions, challenges, surprises, etc.) that may arise. Members also wanted a Facebook Community that would make it really easy to share information about Café activities. We have made the changes and describe how they work below. We look forward to your feedback!


What is new in the Forum?

Prior to the workshop, we thoroughly enjoyed the forum discussions and encourage all Members to continue the conversations. Have a question? Comment? Concern? Want to share something awesome? Post it!

Most of the topics are now private, so you must sign in to access them. When signed in, you also have access to your preferences and can control how often you get messages about new posts.  We have also created some additional forums that are focused on specific topics, such as pursuing active research on the Teen Cafés, moving toward a Teen Social Network, and developing Virtual Cafés. Take a minute and check them out. (Note that if you are not signed in, you will not see the private topics.)


Facebook for the Network Community

Our new Facebook Community is the public face of the Teen Science Café Network in social media. It is intended for quick idea sharing among existing members of the Network. Sharing updates from your local FB page will make it easy for Members to keep abreast of the topics and activities going on across the Network of Cafés. We hope that you will share the wealth of your knowledge to help others looking to get started with Teen Science Cafés.

Please share things such as:

  • highlights of Teen Cafés around the country
  • photos and videos
  • upcoming Café Event information
  • science articles related to your Café
  • ideas or sites for good hands-on activities
  • scholarship or grant opportunities
  • blogs and news about STEM out of school learning
  • trends in teen social media and marketing


To increase the reach, please use #TeenSciCafe for any event related posts you have and #TeenSciCafeNet for anything you would like network members to be aware of. We want this Community Page to be a valuable resource to help build the network, but success depends upon you!


 Take a minute now to LIKE our page at 




Be active; post regularly! The TSCN community is here to help you!

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