VIDEO: Teen Leader Recruiting

Teen Leader Recruiting

It’s never to early to start on Teen Leader recruiting for the next café season. We have created a summer recruitment commercial to try and help out with getting the message out to teens across the country.

Please contact RJ Montaño, our Communications and Marketing Specialist at to feature your teens in our next video.



Developing Successful Teen Leader Programs

            Research conducted by The Ohio State University has identified five principles of successful Teen Leadership Development. As you work with the teen leadership project, we suggest you incorporate these five principles:

  1. Embody high expectations of, confidence in, and respect for participants.
  2. Emphasize experiential learning and provide opportunities for teens to exercise genuine leadership.
    • involve teens in collaborative experiences, working cooperatively with their peers
    • help youth develop skills related to leadership (life skills and specific leadership skills)
  3. Involve teens in service to others, to their community, country and world.
  4. Involve youth in significant relationships with mentors, positive role models, or other nurturing adults.
  5. Be developed around stated purposes and goals.