Project Overview

Building on the Promise of our Network!


Have you ever thought about seeking café promotion advice from a peer who has a background in marketing and leads their program in a neighboring county? Or have you ever asked yourself, “how may I share my expertise in sponsorship cultivation with other adult leaders?” Or, have teen leaders ever asked you about the technology teens use to plan highly engaging and interactive cafés? Similar questions have likely been asked in your café program, either by yourself or  directly from teen leaders. Recognizing the increasing need to address questions like those listed above, the Teen Science Café Network is officially launching an asset mapping project.

TSCN is thrilled to be initiating this transformational asset mapping project to increase its support of network members by facilitating connections among adult leaders, identifying emerging trends, and encouraging grassroots innovation. TSCN is committed to forming a robust community of practice as a result of this project. Creating an online visual, interactive network map of adult leaders and café sites will better illustrate both needs and opportunities for growth and development.

TSCN is seeking café program adult leaders to support & participate in our asset mapping. The first step adult leaders may take to participate in this effort is to opt-in by by submitting and completing this form. Adult leaders will receive an automated message from SumApp, the survey software program we are using, asking you to confirm their e-mail address. Once confirmed, our team will then send you a unique survey invitation to access SumApp’s Dashboard, which contains the survey.

Opt-In Form

The survey launched on Tuesday, November 17, 2020and is accepting responses for all existing members. The TSCN Asset Map will be updated every Monday. Please note, your survey responses are manually imported into the map and are not displayed in real time.
The sumApp Dashboard, accessible by a unique to you link, contains both the sumApp survey and the embedded Kumu map. The map contains a Glossary of terms and Navigation Tips to encourage map interaction.
Got questions about the survey or sumApp’s Dashboard? Contact Louis Jeantete.
Thank You!