Survey Form for Café Attendees

Survey form used to gather information on perceptions and experiences at the teen science cafe in Chapel Hill, NC at the Morehead Planetarium and Science Center

Survey of Café Topics for Teen Leaders

One way to get the gears going for lining up presenters for an upcoming Teen Science Café season is to search through the websites of local businesses, institutions, and organizations, […]

Teen Café Opening and Closing Ceremonies

Being able to open a meeting and get the crowd excited and focused on the upcoming program is an artful skill that comes in handy in many situations like weddings, […]

Teen Leadership: An Adult Leader’s Guide

Launch Your Teen Science Café Leadership Group With the Right Tools and Skills. Are you an adult leader or mentor for a Teen Science Café program? This article has a […]

Improv Activities

Consider trying these as part of a training for teen leaders (to help them bond as a team), or as a fun icebreaker-type activity at a café before the presentation […]

Leadership Building Activities for Youth

Leaders You Admire. Essentially this activity involves participants divided into groups and discussing leaders they know or know of and why they admire them. Groups come back together for a […]

New Member Webinar 6: Evaluation

This webinar focuses on resources and methods that any Cafe leader can implement to evaluate and better understand the impacts their program is having on participants. It is designed to […]

Photo and Video Permission Slip

Photography and video release forms are used to secure permission to publish images of people, including children, as well as certain property. Keep a supply of these handy, printable forms […]