When Teen Leaders Decide

“The adult staff … offered ideas; they did not tell them what to do. All of the decisions were that of the teens; they chose the way they wanted the […]

Research: Building Vibrant Youth Groups

Why are some youth groups more effective than others? What are the distinguishing characteristics of highly effective youth groups? These are key questions many adults ask as they struggle to […]

Teen Ownership of the Cafés!

“[We] wanted to engage teens in every aspect of the program, from choosing topics and creating café themes to developing the culture of the overall program….we had teens think about […]

Influence Without Authority

This post describes how an adult leader benefited greatly from the guidance contained in the article, ‘The Influence Model: Using Reciprocity and Exchange to Get What You Need,” http://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/influence-model.htm Influence […]