31 Flavors of Marketing a Teen Science Café

For a successful café you need to continually get the word out in order to attract Teen Leaders, other teen attendees, presenters, and community support.

Here is a list of who you might reach out to when marketing a Teen Science Café. If you have additional ideas, please send your suggestions to the TSCN National Resource Center at info@teensciencecafe.org.


  1. Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumbler, LinkedIn
  2. Text and email messages
  3. Flyers in coffee shops, restaurants, schools, libraries, teen centers, teen hangouts, movie theaters, churches, gyms, YMCA’s/YWCA’s
  4. Website
  5. EVites and other RSVP systems
  6. Science clubs, camps, fairs, competitions, and other science programs
  7. Parent – teacher organizations and other parent clubs
  8. Science Festivals and other public STEM events
  9. Word of mouth from peers, teen leaders, parents
  10. Pride Festival
  11. School sport events
  12. Banners on overpasses, street corners, schools
  13. School announcements
  14. STEM teachers and counselors
  15. Youth Leadership Training programs
  16. STEM employers
  17. Science Fair, Science Olympiad, Robotics, Computing clubs
  18. Scouts, 4H, Boys and Girls Clubs and YMCA/YWCA programs for teens
  19. Junior Docent Programs at Museums, Zoos, and Aquaria
  20. Science Centers & Museums member lists
  21. Science Supervisor for School District
  22. Power school announcements
  23. Half time announcements at high school sports events
  24. School marquees
  25. Employer of the Café presenter
  26. Adult science cafes
  27. Youth radio programs
  28. Public radio and TV announcements
  29. Community calendars
  30. Contributing articles about the program to a local newspaper
  31. Homeschool networks


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