Café Question Prompt Cards

Who’s got the first question?

dexmediaGetting conversations going at Teen Science Cafés can sometimes be a bit challenging depending on how familiar the audience is with the program format, how comfortable they are in asking questions, and how much they know about the topic before attending the event. To help break the ice, some teen leaders came up with a list of generic questions that could be asked of any presenter to get the conversation going, or to keep it going.  Teen leaders print these questions and put them on the tables around the café room so that anyone can read them and get ideas for their own questions. You can use one of these as prompts for starting conversation.

This resource was developed by the Science Discovery Teen Science Café in Boulder Colorado.  You and your teen teens leaders can create your own general questions they want to ask a presenter as well as some specific questions about the topic of the event.


View and Print a PDF of the below cards to use in cafés to help get a conversation started : Questions-Prompt-Cards