Developing Teen Leaders: Webinar Resources

Teen leadership is the cornerstone of Teen Science Café programs. Without teens’ passion for, and ownership of, the program, teen science cafés would be just another program in which teens are passive and the adults make the decisions.

Our presenters for this webinar are Louis Jeantete, adult leader of the Taos Cafe Scientifique New Mexico program and Lauren Traister is the adult leader of the Vermont – 4-H Science Pathways Café.

When not organizing teen cafés, Louis is a Program Associate at Taos Community Foundation and is a strategic leader with expertise in organizational development, volunteer training, and special event planning. Skilled in generating revenue for startup and established fundraising initiatives.

Lauren Traister has worked for the University of Vermont Extension for 15 years, and has been the state-wide 4-H Teen & Leadership Program Coordinator at University of Vermont Extension for 7.5 of those years.

Each will discuss their approach to developing teen leadership.  Their presentations are linked below.

An unedited recording can be found on YouTube at Teen Science Cafe Network channel.

Developing Teen Leaders Slides_LTraister

Ladder of Youth Participation Louis Jeatete slides

Ladder of Youth Participation details