Impact of Teen Science Cafés on Scientists: Phase 1 Report

The present study was designed to address the gap in evaluation and research literature and improve understanding of experiences and motivations of scientists participating in Teen Science Cafés and the impacts they experience within this distinctive type of PES (Public Engagement in Science). It will take advantage of the Network of sites to understand the impacts on scientists based on a broad and diverse set of institutions, scientists, and geographic locations nationwide.

Research Questions
What is the impact of Teen Science Cafés on the scientists who participate?
1. In what ways, if any, does mutual learning take place? To what extent is this an outcome across scientists?
2. To what extent do scientists experience other types of impacts?
3. How are scientists’ experiences with teens different from engagement with other types of audiences?
4. What is the perceived value of preparation received in advance of Teen Science Cafés? Is there evidence of a relationship between value and the nature of preparation activities?