Member Annual Report – Data to Collect and Submit Annually by June 30



As a condition of membership, each member agreed to report annually some basic data on their activities in the Teen Science Café Network. We are fortunate to have National Science Foundation funding to provide support to the community of Teen Science Cafés, and we love what we do!

The Annual Report form includes a request for a limited number of narrative statements intended to paint a picture of the evolution of a member program, including its successes and challenges. This may reveal opportunities for other sites in the Network to be helpful to the member, or the member to other sites.  The data reporting is required under the NSF grant that supports the coordination of the facility, but serves a very useful purpose: advancing the understanding of the impact and effectiveness of the Teen Science Café model.  It is also information that each member will likely want to be collecting about its program right from the first Café, in any case.

We have  streamlined the reporting process by developing a form on which members can easily enter their information. We ask for basic data on Café events, attendance and demographics. We also ask a few questions about a member’s interactions with other Network members, and any big struggles and successes the program site might have had this past year. To view the questions in the form download TSCN Member’s Annual Report 2017.

Though some members are considered “nodes” that offer Cafés at multiple sites, we are asking for a report on each of those sites.

Each year a reminder will be sent to members in advance of the reporting deadline. We appreciate promptness in completing it, as we need a response by June 30 each year from every site that conducted one or more café events between July 1 of the previous year to June 30 of the current year.

If you need assistance, please contact us.

Thank you for your time to collect and collate this information.

Your participation in the Teen Science Café Network is appreciated! 

Michelle Hall and Michael Mayhew
Co-Directors, Teen Science Café Network