Presenters’ Guides to the Essence of a Teen Science Café – Scientist Preparation Materials

memories-picture-quotes0So, you’ve been invited to present at a Teen Science Café? Science tells us that many factors play a role in determining what people remember, among them is how much attention the person is paying, how novel and interesting the experience is, and the kinds of emotions that are evoked. Make your Teen Science Café memorable by implementing some of the strategies in our guides and worksheets.

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Presenters Guide to the Essence of a Teen Science Café

– a great read to get your scientist-speakers in the right head space for thinking about how to present at a Teen Science Café. The Adult Leader or other coordinator could meet for coffee with the STEM expert first to talk about the program and its format, and then follow up by giving or emailing them this Guide. Or, the coffee meeting could be done virtually, through Skype. Consider as a third step inviting the presenter to meet for a dry-run with some of the Teen Leaders a week or two in advance of the café so the teens may give constructive feedback and help get the presenter comfortable conversing with teens (some adults may not have interacted with teens for a long time, and are pleasantly surprised to find that the teens are friendly, receptive, and have questions that can lead the scientist to orient their presentation in a way that better gets to what the teens are interested in).


Guide-and-Pre-Work_for_Cafe_Presenters includes a short intro to what a Café is, a Preparation Worksheet to help Café scientist-speakers think about parts of their work and career that may be engaging to teens, and an Activity Development space where the scientist brainstorms potential hands-on activities to accompany the conversation piece.


A Simple Strategy for Training Presenters One-On-One  contains further links to ideas for how to find great scientist-speakers, and outlines the steps coordinators in Cafe Scientifique NM take to contact and prepare them to participate in cafés.


New! Dynamite Interviews of Engaging Scientists Teen leaders, you can conduct delightful interviews with your café presenters if you are prepared to ask great questions and make it a real conversation.