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Science Cafes have taken off as a way to empower the public by getting them involved in fun and casual discussions about science. But what about communities who may have a geographic, financial or cultural barrier preventing them from coming to your site? In this two-part Webinar, Kathryn Rende from the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences will discuss how to use video and broadcast technology to reach outside audiences including rural, low-income and minority communities. Part One of this Webinar will reflect on how to use live streaming platforms to extend your reach, while Part Two will discuss how to further utilize your video content even after your Cafe has ended.

Part One: Resources

In Part One of this Webinar, Kathryn Rende will be discussing how to use online streaming platforms like Facebook Live to extend reach to digital audiences. With an on online video presence, your Cafes can reach a wider audience and also gives your participants the chance to create their own learning experience. Each of these resources can help you to get started in developing a video outreach strategy, however, there is not one right way to do it. Talking with your digital media, marketing, or IT department is a great place to get started.

Why use Facebook Live? This article from HootSuite lays out why Facebook Live is the new frontier in social media engagement.
There are several ways to use Facebook Live, from a mobile phone set up to a fully dedicated broadcast studio. This article from Social Media Examiner highlights some of the ways you can make the technology work for you.
How to use Facebook live. This article from HubSpot covers the basics for broadcasting on Facebook Live including, how to post, the best engagement strategies, and measuring your success.

Part one:

Part two: