Video: Using Hashtags to Promote Your Teen Science Café

In this short video, Teen Leader Lauren DiMuzio from North Carolina’s Open Minds Whiteville Teen Science Café shows us how to use hashtags in a café’s Instagram and Facebook pages. This method of indexing images and comments by keyword can be useful in getting the word out about your café.

Use #TeenScienceCafe as one of your cafés hashtags to connect your café’s posts and pictures within Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with those of other Teen Science Cafés everywhere!

Enter #TeenScienceCafe or #teensciencecafe (capitals don’t matter for search purposes) in a search bar to be inspired by what some other hashtag-using cafés are up to.

Teen Science Café members and teens: What methods have you found useful in getting the word out about your café? How do you advertise to local teens, businesses and organizations in your community? Create a username and log in to the TSCN Forum to share your experiences by starting a discussion Topic about café marketing.