Video: Why Scientists Present at Teen Science Cafés

One year we were able to sit down with many of our Café Scientifique New Mexico scientist-presenters and ask them, “Why do you do it?”  Their heartfelt answers prove that our presenters are as dedicated and passionate as anyone in the network. From wanting to get students to think about life from a new perspective, to knowing that they might reach that one teen who goes into a STEM career, our scientists share their story on why they present. Every café is set to a scientists presentation, and they really are the highlight of night. The teens enjoy getting to hear a scientist talk about their work, and they really enjoy hearing the story of how the scientist got into their respective field. Getting to do a hands on activity is just the cherry on top of the sundae that is a café. How much do the presenters care about the cafés? Well, in New Mexico alone, the scientists present their cafés at five New Mexico towns and travel 300+ miles to do so. They really get it, and we can’t thank them enough. We hope you enjoy our video! Feel free to share it with your potential presenters when you request them to present at your next café.


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