This forum is intended to be a space for informal exchange of ideas among our community.  To help this happen, we have set some guidelines for posting here so that everyone will feel welcome and feel heard.

  • Keep topics relevant to teen science cafés: Most anything related to your teen café work is appropriate, as is sharing information about your self, your work, and your institution or organization.
  • Be respectful:  Helpful attitudes in interactions makes the world a better place.
  • Introduce yourself: This will help others better understand the context of your role in the teen café, location and other information that you share.
  • Be mindful of protecting the anonymity of others: If relating stories about yourself or people you know (depends on subject matter), take steps to ensure the privacy of others.
  • Discussion tools are electronic and sometimes break: If for any reason you experience difficulty participating, please call, email, or otherwise inform me of the issue. Chances are others are having the same problem.
  • Help Others: You may have more experience with online discussion forums than the person next to you. Give them a hand. Show them it’s not so hard. They’re really going to appreciate it!
  • Be Patient: Read everything in the discussion thread before replying. This will help you avoid repeating something someone else has already contributed. Acknowledge the points made with which you agree and suggest alternatives for those with which you don’t.

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