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Network members at the TSCN Workshop in Albuquerque in 2016.

It’s easy and free to become a member! As part of the Teen Science Café Network, you will gain access to resources, support, and guidance, while contributing to an evolving Community of Practice by sharing lessons learned and your specific expertise in implementing your own unique version of the Teen Science Café program model. You do not need to have already held a Café to apply for membership. We can help you plan for your first Teen Science Café. 


We offer online resources, trainings and workshops on the topics of greatest interest to our community such as organizing core teen leadership groups to help plan and run your cafés, preparing scientists to communicate with the teen audience, engaging teens via social media, and designing interactive café programs for teen audiences of 20 to 120 teens. You will be able to contribute and gain from thoughtful lessons learned, stories, and anecdotes via the Barista blog and Cool Café blog, which you will receive highlights from in our monthly e-newsletter. For new Members, we offer a series of webinars and other trainings led by Members like you who have started a Teen

Members at TSCN Workshop in St. Louis in 2017.

Science Café and want to share successes and lessons learned.


Requirements for Membership in the Teen Science Café Network

They are basic! Membership requirements are designed to help your program succeed in reaching a broad and diverse teen audience, and allows for adaptation of the model to local situations.

A member may choose to start an individual Teen Science Café program or form a small local network of Cafés that share presenters and programming.


Members agree to:

  1. Adhere to seven Core Design Principles for designing a Teen Science Café;
  2. Agree to collect for each Teen Science Café conducted during the reporting period some basic evaluation data and to provide an Annual Report summarizing this data by June 30 of each year. You can download the TSCN Member’s Annual Report 2017 for organizing this year’s data and collecting data in future years.

The Annual Report form includes a request for a limited number of narrative statements intended to paint a picture of the evolution of your program, including its successes and challenges. This may reveal opportunities for other sites in the Network to be helpful to you or you to them. The data reporting is required under the NSF grant that supports the coordination of the facility, but serves a very useful purpose: advancing the understanding of the impact and effectiveness of the Teen Science Café model. Each year a reminder will be sent to you in advance of the reporting deadline.

Questions? Contact us at the TSCN National Resource Center. We are happy to talk them over with you.


Online Membership Application Form (below)

It’s easy!  Just fill out this online application form to get started.

Staff at the TSCN’s National Resource Center will review your online membership application within a few days and, if we haven’t chatted with you already, we will contact you to set up a short phone or video chat before approving your application. This is an opportunity to start things off on a personal note, and to most efficiently help you get started planning for your café program.  We can talk about your desires for your café, the Core Design Principles all members follow in designing their cafés, and the basic logistics you will need to consider. You will learn about the ways you can participate in the Network, and leave the chat with new ideas and a list of tangible first steps to take.

After Submitting the Form

Once you receive a Welcome to the Network email, your contact info and some brief text describing your vision of your proposed café will be listed in the Member Directory so that anyone interested in helping with or participating in your café may network with you. Also, a “cup” pinpointing your café location will be added to the Network Map. You will have access to edit any of this info at any time by logging in to the website, and are encouraged to post photos of your café and upcoming dates and info. Teens, parents, potential presenters, other café coordinators, and even donors may find you this way!