Scientist-Presenter 10

“…preparing an interactive talk for an audience of young people helped me identify the critical issues in my work….”

Scientist-Presenter 18

“…taught me a lot about giving a technical presentation to a non-technical audience.”

Scientist-Presenter 16

“…the Cafe experience very helpful as it forced me to focus on the really basic elements of my research and how to communicate them.”

Scientist-Presenter 15

“This program provided a wonderful opportunity to do both contextualize and communicate a grand technical challenge….”

Scientist-Presenter 14

“…reinvigorated my interest in … stimulating thought and interest among the next generation of scientific leaders.”

Scientist-Presenter 12

“It helped me to put many of my ideas in a form understandable by teenagers and the general public.”

Scientist-Presenter 9

“…important for scientists to get out of the safety zone of jargon and be forced to explain what they do in more general terms.”