Teen Science Café Alumnus 4

I didn’t know a lot before [the program], and now I’m in grad school for chemistry and that definitely made it seem tangible…I think that definitely affected my career path.…

Teen Science Café Alumnus 5

“For me the casual atmosphere with a scientific professional, with someone who was an expert in their field, made the science and the idea of actually becoming a scientist far […]

Teen Science Café Alumnus 6

“[The teen science café program] definitely influenced my decision to pursue research opportunities in college, first working as a lab assistant and then conducting my own research for my thesis.”

Teen Science Café Alumnus 8

“…really care about understanding the basics of science or staying literate or being able to read the news and know what they’re talking about,…”

Teen Science Café Alumnus 9

“Being able to get my hands really on it rather than just the theory of it was a really big game changer for me.”

Teen Science Café Alumnus 10

“… my choice, my option to be there and checking out all this cool stuff that’s happening, it was just incredible for me.

Teen Science Café Alumnus 11

“New information is invaluable, and exposure to something – even if the field is only a minor interest for me as an individual – is still one of my favorite […]

Teen Science Café Alumnus 1

“I ]realize] that through the leadership involvement with [the teen café program], that that was an interest to me, perhaps more than the subject matter itself.”

Teen Science Café Alumnus 12

“Getting a glimpse at a variety of different speakers’ interests and all the amazing things that are out there in this world to be explored or worked on. “