Web of Connectivity: Network Social Media Contacts

The Teen Science Café Network Resource Center and a number of Teen Science Café members across the country have asked for your social media information so everyone can find, follow, and connect with each other.  Below is the information we have received from our members who have contributed. Please find, like, and follow each other to complete the “web of connectivity” among the social networks and the Teen Science Café Network members.


If you are not on this list, please email your information to



Teen Science Café Network:   Facebook   Twitter  Google+  YouTube  Flickr  Instagram SnapChat: TeenScienceCafe

AL – Tiger Science Café – UWA: Facebook

CA – Aquarium of the Pacific Teen Science Café: Facebook

CA – Bay Area Teen Science Café: Facebook   Website

CA – EYH Teen STEM Café: Facebook

CO – Science Discovery Teen Café: Facebook

CT – Greater Hartford Teen Science Café: Facebook

FL – FL Teen SciCafé: Facebook  Twitter

GA – Atlanta Teen Science Café: 

IA – Café Scientifique: Facebook

ID – Treasure Valley Teen Engineering and Science Cafés: Twitter

IL – Huskie Teen Science Café: Facebook

ME – Teen Science Café for ME!: Facebook

MI – AAHOM Teen Science Cafê: Facebook

MN – The Learning Jet: Facebook

MO – Teen Science Café at Lab:Revolution: Facebook  Twitter

MO & IL – Gateway Teen Science Café: Facebook Instagram Snapchat: AcademyofSciSTL

MT – Montana Teen Science Café:  MSU:  Twitter  Montana Girls STEM: Facebook  Twitter

NC – Open Minds Teen Science Café, Raleigh:  Facebook  Twitter

NC – Open Minds Teen Science Café, Whiteville: Facebook

NC – Teen Coastal Science Café (Morehead): Facebook

NM – Café Scientifique New Mexico: Facebook Twitter

NM – Atomic Teen Café: Facebook

NM – Explora’s Teen STEM Café: Facebook

NY – Teen SciCafé (AMNH): Facebook  Twitter

NY – Teen Science Café at miSci: Facebook  Twitter

NY – Harlem Teen STEAM Club: Facebook

OR- ScienceWorks Hands On Teen Science Cafe: Facebook

TX- Teen Science Café (Fort Worth Museum of Science and History): Facebook

TX- Dallas Zoo Teen Science Café: Facebook

VT- VTeen 4-H Science Pathways Cafe: Facebook

WA – Teen Science Café Seattle, Pacific Science Center: Facebook  Twitter  Instagram


It was easier and more time efficient to post links (rather than just the names and have you search for yourself), but if any of the links are broken, please let us know ASAP.

Thanks again for helping us build our Social Network Web of Connectivity.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #TSCN with anything you post on Twitter!


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