Teen Attendee 7

“I think one of the key things is having those great scientists … come in and really be engaged.”

Teen Attendee 8

“… having access to the scientists who are really hands-on, really engaged, really want to reach out to the community [is critical].”

Teen Attendee 2

“I enjoyed learning new things and then learning how they are applicable in the world.”

Teen Attendee 3

“Since the Café, I see science everywhere, at the store, on the street, and in the park.”

Teen Attendee 4

“Wow, we did an experiment like that in physics last week….I did not realize that you use the same approach to build things that matter, like the MagViz machine.”

Teen Attendee 5

I thought chemists just mixed chemicals together all day. I had no idea a chemist would do something like this.

Teen Attendee 6

“I now consider multiple perspectives before making up my mind.”

Teen Attendee 9

“I would like to have more information on establishing a Teen Science Cafe in the Waco area. My daughter has really missed this wonderful program [due to the coronavirus] this […]