Teen Science Café Network (TSCN) and our Teen Science Cafés (TSC) are a National Science Foundation-funded professional evaluation-backed program based on research-proven Six Design Principles elevating teen voice, teen choice, and 21st-century skill development.

Teen Science Café Network

TSCN is a free community of practice and support system for those offering Teen Science Café programs. TSCN Members have free access to professional development materials as well as learning and networking opportunities, including a national conference and regional affinity groups. Since its establishment in 2008, the TSCN grew to a Pre-Covid peak of over 100 programs in rural, urban, and suburban locations in North America. Today there are over 50 cafés nationwide, and growing. Check out our café locations.

For more information on the TSCN, email Kristin Bayans, Manager of Network Engagement at kristin@scieds.com.


Our Origin Story

In 2007, STEM experts Michelle Hall and Michael Mayhew received a National Science Foundation grant to create a Café Scientifique program, later Teen Science Café, for teens in four New Mexican cities: Santa Fe, Los Alamos, Albuquerque, and Española.  Their program was based on the science café model, where adults gather at casual public venues and listen to STEM experts give talks on their research and projects. Fifteen years later, Teen Science Cafés have spread across the nation. View the short video below to learn more.