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Rocketry Cafe

BIPOC person wearing a read long sleeve shirt holding a model rocket and speaking to a group of intersectional teens sitting at a table. The Bulldog Rocketry Cafe had teens learning about some of the engineering behind how to make rockets that will launch into space, but on a smaller scale. The UMD Bulldog Rocketry club participates in a national rocket competition every year on the border of Mexico that has larger scaled rockets (not the size of actual rockets!). Not only did they put rockets together, but teens also got to see some pieces of rockets that were used in past competitions.

In order to scale it to the Cafe, they had teens put together mini rockets in order to learn about how they are made. The highlight of the night was the demonstration of shooting off a rocket. The Rocketry team had come prepared and demonstrated a miniature rocket being launched outside. Participants got to see how different parts of the rocket all play a role in launching rockets as high as possible, and making sure it comes down safely. The audience really enjoyed the presentation, along with getting to talk with the team after the presentation was over.

Model rocket sitting on a conference table with computer screens in the background.     Group of young men give a presentation in a room of intersectional youth about rockets.



Cool Café write up by Martin Jezierski, Teen Leader 


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